George Winston, contemplative pianist, died June 4, 2023

Winston was an amazing pianist for Windham Hill Records. My father loved him in the 80s and beyond. He got a stereo and listened to Winston in the dark, one of the calmest times I have ever seen for him.

I know that peace when I listen to Winston’s piano work.

NPR noted that his 1980 album Autumn and its follow-ups, 1982’s Winter into Spring and December, all platinum-selling releases, are considered cornerstones of the genre.

NPR posted a YouTube channel with some of his music:

Interesting that he resisted the label of New Age musician, instead opting for “Folk Piano” (or more accurately “Rural Folk Piano”).

Whatever he chose to call it, his music was one-of-a-kind in the early 80s and even today, if we are being honest.

In a world where we have a million apps designed to soothe our troubled minds and bodies, I would recommend George Winston instead.

Thank you for soothing our souls, George.

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