Participate in a St. Patrick’s Day parade

Monday, March 17, 2008

I attended a St. Paddy’s Day parade in an SL version of Dublin (see pic) because I am dipping my toe into socializing now that I am not a complete dweeb who runs into everything and can’t dress.

Of course in honor of St. Paddy’s Day I had to come up with a whole new outfit, complete with a huge ponytail of green hair, a black mini, green and white striped tights, and a tight green shirt, finished with green mary janes. Then, 5 minutes before the parade was to start, I had misgivings and changed into a green ball gown.

The parade was well attended by SL standards. I’ll explain. Any time you get more than 40 people in a region, you have something known as lag, especially if people are dressed to the nines and have their bagpipes out. We would struggle to walk through the air which had become as thick as molasses, on our way to the bleachers on the side of the road, and then suddenly break free and pass our destination, only to find ourselves suddenly back where we started and walking in place. It’s totally disorienting and really irritating, but there isn’t much that can be done at the moment. It’s a function of the love of bling.

They had created many spots to stop and watch, so I flew overhead and selected the spot at the bend of the road with the bleachers. I took a seat near the top. The parade itself was…unimpressive. Lots of green. Bagpipes playing. Someone handed out jig bracelets which caused us to dance little jigs to the parade music. It was more fun than a normal parade because we didn’t have to go outside.

Afterwards, there was a dance in the park and most of us were flying 20 feet in the air. Why? Because it’s Second Life and we can, of course.

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