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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The question goes, if the tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? Along those same lines, those new to SL are always amazed that their avatar bodies poof out of existence when they are not logged into the world. However, you can have a stamp of permanence if you buy or build your own residence in Second Life.

I finally took the plunge and rented a piece of land on SL with NOTHING on it, called Sylectra’s Spiral Paradise. I repeat, NOTHING. This was both terrifying and scintillating. The rental fee was breathtakingly high for only a small spit of land – about $1200 Lindens per week, or US$20 per month. Didn’t care. I was going to have some fun with this as long as I could.

It was on this wonderful island that I discovered called Happy Clam Island, and after meeting a few of the residents (shout out to Finn and Thomtrance) I decided I needed to be near these incredibly neat people.

Apologies if I paraphrase incorrectly, but I believe the group’s vision is to bring more public awareness to the problem of global warming and sustainability in general. Sustainability has to do with using the available resources (animal, vegetable, and mineral) in such a way that it does not burn through the planet and its people in record time. A wonderful concept which is not new, but which has new impetus because of the price of oil and (finally) official government acknowledgment of global warming.

View from the front porch overlooks Organica.

To think that George Bush mocked the scientists warning about this coming global catastrophe just a few short years ago still amazes me. Now only a fool would continue to say our climate is not changing and that there is nothing we can do to help. We live here. We have to take care of our planet and each other.

Butterfly dome. My design.

I am not sure why I am in SL with this group of people and also good friends with Willy, who has a wonderful similar vision, but I want to be in these circles with these wonderful people and learn what my purpose is. And maybe that will change as time goes by, but something is gently tugging on me and it feels so exhilarating.

This move to rent the land is just one of several I have recently taken which are the start of my new path to ? I have no idea. When Mom took her journey to the next world, she was ill for about a year and passed away just after her birthday (Christmas day) in 2006. She was so accepting and philosophical about it, and her experience changed me for the better. I resolved to continue to let positive experiences change me, to open my heart to these wonderful connections to other human beings, to turn my spirit to something greater than myself.

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