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Sunday, June 15, 2008

DJane Solace spins for Organica

Friday night I joined the multi-DJ trance event at Organica, having put together a killer outfit with a slight Goth lean (kinda like cute Goth – think Paulie Perrette). When I got there, the lovely and awesome DJane Solace was already on the decks and there were about 15 people dancing.

The problem with that count is that I can’t be sure how many people were there. As you can see from the pic, the particles were particularly strong and beautiful that night, so sometimes we couldn’t see ANYBODY else. We just had to ASSUME there were others out there.

The inestimable Nos

I think the various types of particles were created by Nostrum Forder, who Thomtrance O’Toole tells me is a particle genius. We saw stars, hearts, fog, balls of electricity, rainbows, streaks, and more that night. Nos is also a joker, it would seem. When I announced I would be right back after a bathroom break, Nos asked me if I needed TP. I misunderstood and thought that meant a teleport to a bathroom – noooooo, Nos gave me an object called “TP”. After much deliberation (out loud for everyone’s amusement) I decided to click on the dastardly thing and see what it did. You see the result. There were LOLs and ROFLs all over the chat window. They were loving it. I danced like that for a few minutes more, considering it my initiation dues for hanging with this wonderful bunch of people on Happy Clam Island.

My “hazing”

Yummy DJ Thomtrance O’Toole

Then Thomtrance took over for Solace and as usual I completely lost my train of thought for at least 30 minutes. I love goa trance and the idea of a DJ who can pick out good techno and also program in several languages is oddly compelling and exotic to me. Besides, he has really good bling. Soon my buddies showed up, popping in one at a time: Stevenaia, Gar, and Devon. A happy cluster of dance!! What fun. We were cracking jokes all over the place while Thom simultaneously kept up with the conversation, greeted all new arrivals, and spun music.

Qee was the DJ after Thom. Qee is something of a legend in DJ-dom in SL, and it was evident many people agreed as the dance floor (a wooded clearing with grass) filled to capacity. Lag put us through forced slo-mo several times during this as people hooted and capered through the changing particle showers.

Orange ball lightning.

The particles were absolutely stunning all night long. We saw juicy, tart orange ball lighting, heavy fogs of cerulean blue, zombie green, flash hangover yellow and poppy red. There were swirling, slicing ribbons of rainbow, effervescent hearts in every color, round rainbow and streak particles, stars of every color, and even sparkles to add to the overall effect. Every second was a completely different experience. I found the particles to be a major part of my experience there that night, and want to learn to make them. To that end, Nos sent me a link (it’s like a stone tablet at the beginning of a quest):

I can’t stress enough to you, my readers, how important it is to really connect with the people you meet on SL (and in real life too, for that matter) and LISTEN to what they are telling you. There is a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge in these nice people and if you are sweet to them, you can be a part of this happy energy.

The following chat excerpt has been added with Nos’ generous permission.

[7:27] Sylectra Darwin: Did you do all the particles Friday night?
[7:27] Nostrum Forder: I don’t know what “all” means in that context. I bring mine, which tend to be massive. People bring theirs, and the DJs have effects.
[7:27] Nostrum Forder: I do try to play off what I’m seeing other people emit.
[7:28] Sylectra Darwin: That answers my next question, which was – are you varying the effects?
[7:28] Sylectra Darwin: Yes, I knew about the others but once you’ve seen them they are easy to identify. I saw all new stuff which I believe was all yours.
[7:29] Nostrum Forder: yes. I have a set of basic throwers. Some of them are timer -based, and some of them are triggered by command.
[7:29] Nostrum Forder: My own stuff is not currently commercially available.
[7:29] Nostrum Forder: People have asked, and I’m not opposed in principle. It’s a matter of time.
[7:29] Nostrum Forder: If I tried to package for sale, I’d never get laid.
[7:29] Sylectra Darwin: HAHAHAHA!
[7:29] Sylectra Darwin: You should DEFINITELY sell them.
[7:30] Sylectra Darwin: Yes, I heard you’re the particle god.
[7:30] Nostrum Forder: There are better out there.
[7:30] Nostrum Forder: I’m an integrator. I’ll use commercial throwers if they work.
[7:30] Nostrum Forder: There are people ike Vandelite who are miles ahead of me technically, when it comes to the scripting and such.
[7:31] Nostrum Forder: I got started doing this, for what it’s worth, by tweaking a mod-able dance sphere script live while Qee was playing.

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